It's The Way You Say It is the first comprehensive guide for speech and voice improvement.

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The Sound of Your Voice is a San Francisco consultancy firm founded by Dr. Carol Fleming that specializes in vocal development and communication training.

Dr. Fleming helps clients recognize their speaking abilities, improve their weak spots, and achieve mastery of communication skills.

The Dynamic Voice

  • Improve the Sound of your Voice
  • Polishing your Speech
  • Become Verbally Competent, Fluent & Gracious
  • Accent Reduction

Skillful Communication

  • Make Yourself Heard
  • Getting Your Point Across
  • Carry Yourself with Confidence
  • Get the Tension out of Your Speech
  • Develop a Commanding Presence

Speaking in Public

  • Talk with Confidence
  • Stage Fright can be Whipped
  • Using Your Eyes
  • Contemporary PowerPoint Techniques

Workplace Social Skills

  • Secrets for getting Heard, Respected & Promoted
  • Stand Up and Introduce Yourself
  • Smooth Small Talk
  • Guidelines for Professionalism